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Pride and Anne

Pride and Joy is an absolutely phenomenal eleven-year-old, proven Gypsy Vanner stallion that has sired many wonderful Gypsy Vanner progeny in the United Kingdom. We purchased Pride from a Gypsy traveler friend who needed to introduce new stallion blood into his herd (as Pride has sired the maximum offspring possible.) His previous owners are establishing a new foundation sire, and we are honored that they sold us this magnificent animal.

This stallion has impeccable manners and is easy to handle despite his stallion status. We would add him permanently to our MVP herd if we had room for another Vanner. This fabulous and easygoing stallion is a great opportunity for a US-based breeder looking for a proven stallion. 

This classic, powerful Vanner is also trained for riding and driving and has been seen pulling a wagon with as many as twelve passengers. He copes well in heavy traffic. He is priced to sell, but we have promised his former owner that we will make sure he goes to a good home in the US.

Below at the bottom of the page are pictures of some of his offspring.

Pride's proud new owners are Jeff and Deborah Gakstatter in Bend, Oregon.

Pride and Joy | Gypsy Vanner Stallion For Sale
Pride and Anne

Three of Pride's offspring pictured below including an unusual black foal, left



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