Gypsy Vanner Horse Consignment

We at Gypsy MVP have made it out mission to represent only the best examples of the Gypsy Vanner horse breed and to secure for these horses only the most suitable homes.  We only stand behind horses that we believe in.  If you have registered Gypsy Vanner that you would like help selling, and your horses and asking prices meet our specifications, Gypsy MVP can help.


Why use Gypsy MVP to sell your horse?


#1: We do your advertising

Gypsy MVP spends many thousands of dollars each month in advertising for all of the wonderful horses listed on our site.  We receive a tremendous number of daily internet hits as well as numerous email and phone inquiries from current and potential customers.  It requires three full-time employees to answer all of the phone calls!

We advertise in Luxury Lifestyle magazines for the most affluent customers.  This ensures attracting only serious buyers who are genuinely interested in purchasing your horses.  Our most important goal is to draw buyers that have the means and facilities to properly care for your amazing animal.

Gypsy Mvp Advertises in the Finest Magazines

#2: Your horse is special and deserves to go to a family that is just as special

Your horse will be sold from our Gypsy MVP barn in Katy, Texas, just a few miles west of Houston.  We can only sell an animal that we have seen, touched, and worked with every day.  This allows us to acquire an intimate understanding of your animal and to better place him or her with the right family.  We are very picky about whom we sell to, and we will not sell your horse to anyone who does not pass out test. 


#3 Our horses are our babies, and yours will be, too!

The training and care your horse will receive is no different in treatment from our very own horses.  Your horse will receive a 12’X12’ stall that is cleaned morning and evening, and a large pasture turnout with other horses.  We have a full time groomer, photographer, and trainer on site to work with your horse.


#4: We offer a complete line of financing for prospective horse buyers

Our financing creates a greater pool of qualified prospective buyers.  To our knowledge, no other Gypsy Vanner breeder currently offers financing to its clients.

We at Gypsy MVP are committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers.

We hope to work with you in the future,

The Gypsy MVP Team,

Please contact us today for more information.


Important Contract Information

Gypsy MVP will only sell a horse that is in our care and residing on our ranch in Katy, Texas.

Gypsy MVP asks that consignment customers provide us with the lowest reasonable price they are willing to accept on their horses.  Over a period of time, we will have significant out of pocket expenses on a horse, including those incurred while frequently representing him or her at luxury trade shows.  For this reason, if a customer asks too high a retail high price for a horse, this will not allow Gypsy MVP to make any money to pay expenses accumulated during the horse’s stay with us. 

If we agree with your price, we do the rest of the work for you!

If a horse has not sold, he or she can be transported back to a client at the owner’s expense.  If preferred, an owner can pay monthly board to Gypsy MVP to continue marketing, caring for, and training the horse.  Boarding costs change from time to time based on feed costs, so be sure to check with Jennifer Wilkening for current boarding rates.

Consignment customers must cover all farriers, veterinary, and worming costs.

Please click here to view our consignment agreement.


Customer Comments about Gypsy MVP Consignment Program


Dear Gypsy MVP,
You were everything I hoped for and more! I was concerned that "the message was not getting out there" on selling my national quality Gypsy Vanner gelding, and his extensive training. You were able to send serious buyers my way. And I really appreciated your presentation of lookers that were actually in the market to purchase. You were so responsive and kind. And knowledgeable! Good to talk to a real Horse Person. I know that without your marketing expertise and reach, Penguin would not have found such a good home.

Thank you!
Nickers & neighs, Lonnie


Hi Jennifer, Dana and I would like to reach out and thank you for such an incredible experience in the sale of Big John’s Biscuits and Gravy!!!! Your professionalism and broad clientele was such a blessing! We would no doubt recommend you (we have already) and Gypsy MVP to any horse owner that is looking for the right opportunity and home for their sale horse. Right from the first contact we knew that you had us in your best interest and made our transaction absolutely effortless. Thank you so much for your assistance in finding our boy the perfect home!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless,
Craig R.

I would like to encourage anyone that for any reason needs to consign a horse to use Gypsy MVP, they are professional, knowledgeable and personable in all transactions.  The farm brings in numerous buyers, all you have to do is sit back and wait with the confidence your horse is being well cared for!  Thanks MVP!

Anne Crowley
Vintage Vanners, Inc.


Thanks so much for the wonderful job you and Gypsy MVP did in finding Goya such a wonderful home! It will be a terrific fit for her and her new family!  I really appreciate the care and training you gave her during her stay at your farm. I always felt comfortable and you stayed in touch with me consistently on her progress. The attention spent to detail in photography and advertising exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use Gypsy MVP again and would recommend your farm to anyone.

Marci and Bryant Hicks