Gypsy MVP Concierge AdvantageDoug Kneis

Our clients— and our horses— are of utmost importance to us, and the Gypsy MVP Concierge Advantage is one of the many ways we have of showing this.  No other Gypsy horse breeder or importer offers the same type of customer care as Gypsy MVP.


What is the Gypsy MVP Concierge Advantage?

When you purchase a horse from Gypsy MVP, you’ll never walk alone. We’ve created our unique concierge program so that customers can have the help they need with caring for and managing their new Gypsy Vanner.  With Gypsy MVP’s support, even owners with relatively little horse experience can care for these special horses with confidence. 


We work to ensure the best possible match between you and your new Gypsy horse.

As with people, each Gypsy Vanner has a distinct personality.  We carefully consider this and all other factors while guiding our clients toward the best horse to purchase.  It is our goal that clients succeed in forming positive relationships with their new Gypsy horses, and this all begins with the right match.


We teach you what you need to know when you need to know it.

Many Gypsy MVP clients are new to caring for horses, yet the Gypsy Vanner has its own unique care requirements which include specific types of feed, equipment, and grooming.  The Gypsy MVP Concierge Advantage program ensures that new owners have the knowledge they need to care for and enjoy their new animals. Services offered include the following:

  • Personal training of horses
  • Ranch visits to assist with new horse acclimation
  • Training for new horse owners in matters of grooming, riding and general horse care
  • We can even help you set up your own Gypsy Vanner breeding program and assist in the sale of the resulting foals.

Main Barn at Magnolia Ranch in Katy TexasWe manage importation and shipping of your Gypsy Vanner horse.

If the horse you select for purchase is still in Europe, Gypsy MVP handles importing the animal. You can trust us to take care of the difficult bureaucratic processes involved in importation to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or wherever your horse is going.


“We’ve imported about 200 horses over the last five years,” says Doug Kneis, owner of Gypsy MVP’s Magnolia Ranch. “We know the ropes: We know which flights to book, how to manage the quarantine period, and who does the best ground transportation. We also arrange all of the necessary veterinary checks for the horses we sell.”





The Gypsy MVP Concierge Team

Doug Kneis


Ranch owner Doug Kneis, pictured here with wife Elaine, takes pleasure in introducing customers to the ranch and the Gypsy Vanner breed.  Doug makes sure that everyone at the ranch follows the principles of honesty and integrity, and that the customers—and the horses— always come first.







Anne Bevan

Anne Bevan (Gypsy MVP, U.K.) is our overseas purchasing agent.  In addition to maintaining contact with Romany breeders and helping us to select the best Gypsy horses available for sale, Anne also acts as ambassador to Gypsy MVP customers who prefer to see and select their horses abroad.  She takes pride in her contacts among the Gypsy community and in her ability to match clients with the right Gypsy horse.







Magnolia Ranch in Katy Texas


We’ll be here when you need us.

When Romany Gypsies sell a horse, they do it on a handshake, with great trust and respect. That kind of relationship is what we at Gypsy MVP seek to maintain with our customers. We believe that by operating with honesty and integrity, our horses and our customers will thrive. That’s what we call the Gypsy MVP Concierge Advantage, and it’s what we offer to you when you become one of our customers. 

“When you buy from us, we don’t go away,” says Doug. “We make a lifetime commitment to our customers, to giving clients a fair deal, and to supporting them in their horse-owning enterprise, with education, with services, and in any other way we can.”