Helping You Understand the Import and Quarantine Process


How does my horse come to me from Europe?


  • Once you have let Gypsy MVP know of your intention to purchase one of our special horses, you should call MVP representative Jennifer Wilkening for wire transfer instructions.
  • Gypsy MVP personnel will set up a vetting appointment for your new horse with a European veterinarian.  This veterinary check is a standard procedure that includes pre-import screening for EIA (the Coggins test), dourine, piroplasmosis, and glanders.  If your horse is a stallion or mare over 731 days old, the vet check will also include testing for CEM* (contagious equine metritis).  Blood tests and CEM cultures will normally take 10-12 days for completion.  Negative tests for all relevant tests are required before the horse can be shipped to the USA. If a client would like a more detailed veterinary examination including X-rays, etc., this will be additional and at the client’s expense.
  • Once the results come in negative (as certified by the veterinarian), your horse will be flown typically via KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from Amsterdam non-stop to either JFK airport in New York or LAX airport in Los Angeles.
  • When your horse arrives, blood samples are taken at the airport, and your horse is taken to a USDA quarantine facility.  If it is a gelding, or a filly or colt under 731 days of age, the quarantine period will normally be 2-3 days.  As soon as blood tests are reported negative, the horse is free to proceed to your stable.  (Transportation is at the customer’s cost and may be done using our transporter or your own.)
  • If your horse is a stallion or mare over 731 days of age, an additional quarantine is required.  Both mares and stallions must leave the USDA quarantine and proceed to an approved CEM* quarantine.  There are several different CEM quarantine farms that we recommend.  The choice of which particular quarantine we use will be determined in large part by the horse’s ultimate destination.
  • In the case of a mare, the CEM* quarantine will normally last for 14-18 days.  As soon as all tests are declared negative, she will be free to depart for your stables.
  • The CEM* quarantine period for a stallion is much longer, averaging 45 days.  During his CEM quarantine, he will be tested, and he will then cover two mares who will also be tested for CEM.  This is to be sure that he is not
    shedding the CEM organism in his semen.  Once the stallion and mares have tested negative, he is free to depart for your stables.

*CEM (contagious equine metritis) is an equine sexually transmitted disease that is very unusual.  It is not life threatening and can be cured.

Please note that Gypsy MVP is a turn-key company.  We pay charges for normal vetting, plane flight, and quarantine process that your animal may require to arrive in the United States.

*Once a sale has been made, however, and the ownership of a horse has been transferred to the customer, any veterinary charges outside the normal become the responsibility of the client.  Gypsy MVP recommends that all clients obtain health and mortality insurance for a new horse as soon as the purchase is complete.  Gypsy MVP cannot assume responsibility for illness, or accidental injury or death of an animal after purchase.