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SOLD 08/03/2009

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Taufin is a gorgeous, well ridden stallion who is currently in Texas at Gypsy MVP's Magnolia Ranch. He is a proven Homozygous Gypsy Horse Stallion and stands 14.2 hands high.

This stallion has a gorgeous head and everything else to go with it. He has had no saddle training, which means no bad habits yet. Taufin does fine in hand and breeds mares for us on a lead rope with no problems. He has a wonderful personality and will make someone a great Vanner ranch stud.

Taufin is dual registered.

Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Registration #GV01470P

See Taufin's New Filly, Utai.

Update 02/13/2009:  Erica reports that Taufin is doing very well under saddle.  He is working hard and enjoys his riding!


Picture Below Added 06/22/2009

This is Taufin's newest filly "Iona" who is homozygous for the red factor.
Look at these quality foals he is throwing!

This is Taufin's newest filly "Iona" who is homozygous for the red factor.

Pictures Below Added 06/11/2009

Picture Below Added 03/30/2009

Gypsy Vanner Closeup of Taufin

New Pictures Below Added 01/07/2009

Taufin-Being ridden by Erica Barton

Another shot of Erica and Taufin
Taufin traning with Erica

Pictures Below Were Added June 2008


If you are looking to breed color into your foals every time, then this is your boy!

Utai-Taufin's Filly

Utai-Taufin's Filly

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