Letters and Comments From Gypsy MVP Customers


I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to MVP and Morgan and Jennifer for helping make my dream come true. I enjoyed coming to your ranch and "OH MY" seeing the beautiful horses. Morgan was a wealth of information; describing the conformation and characteristics of the Gypsy Vanner breed. You all were so patient with me as I asked a million questions and came back, time and time again, to make sure that I made the right choice. And, I'm so glad I did. My new mare, Bindi, is a dream come true. She's the perfect horse for my needs. She so sweet, responsive and smart. I can't wait to hit the trails (and be the envy of my horse friends). My posse (the group of ladies I ride with) is really looking forward to taking Bindi in the local parade and have been sending me all sorts of ideas of how we're going to decorate her (from bows, to lights, to ornaments - LOL). The kids are really enjoying her too as she's proven to be sweet and patient with them, which is remarkable as Bindi is quite young. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with MVP (as I'm sure I'll have more questions). Thanks again for everything!

Tyanne S.


Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for all of your help in our journey to find our gypsy vanner foal!  Your customer service has been excellent throughout the entire purchasing process.  You were always available to answer any question or concern we had. It has truly been a pleasure to work with you!

Katie & Elliott


"My experience with Gypsy MVP was unforgettable. Being that Billy was my first horse there were several things I was uncertain of and Jennifer helped me through them and was patient with me throughout the process. My questions were answered on the dot. I was informed of when she wouldn't be available and a second contact was provided. I waited over a month for the shipper to be available to ship him and I received weekly pictures and updates which made my day and eased the fact that I wouldn't be able to have him quickly. When he arrived I was speechless. The pictures weren't enhanced at all, he is just a beautiful animal. His looks just grab your soul. He is graceful and when he runs around the arena you can just tell the way he throws his head around that he just wants you to look at him. Owning a horse was my biggest dream I ever had and with Gypsy MVP It was definitely an experience I will never forget. I took a chance of not meeting him before the purchase which was a big leap of trust. But I was informed of Billy's shortcomings due to him just being gelded and there were no surprises or misleading of information with his personality and things he struggled with. Him and I are growing together and learning off of each other. My hopes are to get him to show sometime in the next year. He's happy now in his new way of life. You can tell the bond between us already. He puts his nose up to my mouth and wants kisses. For being just gelded he is gentle and loving and he is so loved in return. Thank you Gypsy MVP for your professionalism and providing me with a lifelong companion. When I choose to buy again it will be from you."

Shawna P.


"We wish to thank GMVP for helping us 7 years ago in selecting some of the finest gypsys in the world all of which are still owned by us looking forward to many more."

Pictured below is Harriet and her Human.


To Gypsy MVP,

I'd like Jennifer and everyone involved with Gypsy MVP to know how thankful and grateful I am to have dealt with professionals who are courteous, prompt and conscientious. As most people know who have purchased a horse, there is usually a level of apprehension when determining if the horse is being represented accurately. Past experiences have taught me to be cautious and thorough, so questions and requests for videos were in order. Also, with a long distance purchase, the worries of a pre-purchase exam vet and transportation without knowing anyone was an additional concern. My worries were unfounded, as my experience with Jennifer was BY FAR the BEST experience I've had in purchasing a horse!

Jennifer responded to every email quickly and thoroughly. Video requests were sent promptly. Jennifer even sent me videos and emails on her own, just to give me updates! She gave me great choices for pre-purchase vets and transport companies. Bowers vet clinic and Jimmy @ Parlier Transport were incredible! When the colt arrived, he was as spectacular as promised - exactly as represented!! It is also obvious that Gypsy MVP deals with quality owners when the horse being sold is not their own. My colt's owner went out of her way to care for the colt, even after the purchase but prior to transport!!

The wire-to-wire high quality service I received from Jennifer and Gypsy MVP has renewed my faith in buying horses! I can't thank Jennifer and everyone involved with my purchase of my Gypsy Vanner colt enough and HIGHLY recommend Gypsy MVP when considering buying a Gypsy!

Wendy C.
Via email

December 31, 2014

Gypsy MVP

To whom it may concern:

Upon first deciding on becoming a horse owner I began doing a lot of research about Gypsy horses in particular.  I was highly impressed by the obvious quality of the horses with Gypsy MVP.  It was extremely helpful to have access to the many videos provided on the website for owner education.  It was from this that I was able to visibly see the difference that Gypsy MVP had to offer as compared to other organizations.

Of course, Jennifer was absolutely wonderful.  She was very patient and kind; answering all of my questions.  Not having grown up with horses, although I did have some minimal exposure to them as a volunteer in an equestrian center, there were some terms I was unfamiliar with.  Jennifer kindly tolerated my ignorance, obviously interested in supporting me and my needs in making the best choice for me.

In addition, it was highly beneficial to have access to what one might call a “one stop shop.”  Through Gypsy MVP I didn’t have to worry about finding transportation for my babies.  Plus, Jennifer contacted me regularly with questions about their potential needs to be sure they were well taken care of.  I was left with a feeling of security which cannot be underestimated when making such an investment as becoming a horse owner of not one, but two, beautiful Gypsy Vanner horses.

I loved the entire experience and would highly recommend the Gypsy MVP team.  I am glad that I am in some way part of the family.


Elizabeth D.

                                                                                                                              December 16, 2014

Darcy Hamil
N5869 Schneeberger Road
Albany, Wisconsin 53502

To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to write this letter of recommendation to say a few words about my experience with Jennifer Wilkening and Gypsy Vanner Import Professionals, L. P.

I own two other draft cross horses that I keep at my farm in Wisconsin. My first horse Oreo is older and has bone spurs in one his front hoofs that prevent me from riding him anymore. Our second horse Eclipse is just getting to the point of getting used to riders on his back and can be a hot ride. So I was looking for a smaller breed draft which led me to the Gypsy Vanners.

I spent 2-1/2 years looking and praying for a Gypsy Vanner, but price or size kept me from pulling the trigger on any purchases. Then I came across the Gypsy Vanner Group on Facebook where Jennifer had posted pictures of horses from Gypsy Vanner Import Professionals, L. P. and I discovered Lucky Star who now goes by the name of McGuffey. I named him McGuffey because of the Irish lineage that the horses come from and because my family background shows ancestral relationships going back to Ireland. His name also recognizes the fact and the folks who developed the old McGuffey readers are hanging onto a couple of branches in my family tree.

So my journey brought me to Jennifer Wilkening and Gypsy Vanner Import Professionals, L. P. in Katy, Texas. I spent a good amount of time talking with Jennifer and explaining what I was looking for and desired in purchasing another horse. Jennifer listened and was very understanding and knew how to help and guide me in the decision making process. All during the process of purchasing and planning for transport Jennifer displayed a high degree of integrity and responsibility as well as good old fashioned customer care to put my many questions and anxieties about buying a horse I had not seen to rest.

Jennifer demonstrated that she is a very conscientious individual who gets things done and is a very dependable team player. Her good judgment, common sense and down to earth personality ensured a practical approach to working with me and I am very happy to give her my endorsement and thumbs up for her integrity.

McGuffey came to Wisconsin in early November and fit right into the family including our three dogs and the children I nanny for. In fact my employer wants me to teach her daughters how to care for and ride horses using McGuffey to teach them… so as it all works out, they will all grow up together teaching each other about care and responsibility.

So that’s my story. I feel very blessed to have discovered Gypsy Vanner Import Professionals, L. P. and for the opportunity to have worked with Jennifer. She has brought one of my life dreams to fruition and all I can say is THANK YOU and GOD BLESS!!!

If you desire to discuss this recommendation any further, please feel free to contact me at the number listed below.


Darcy Hamil-Scott


Dear Gypsy MVP,
You were everything I hoped for and more! I was concerned that "the message was not getting out there" on selling my national quality Gypsy Vanner gelding, and his extensive training. You were able to send serious buyers my way. And I really appreciated your presentation of lookers that were actually in the market to purchase. You were so responsive and kind. And knowledgeable! Good to talk to a real Horse Person. I know that without your marketing expertise and reach, Penguin would not have found such a good home.

Thank you!
Nickers & neighs, Lonnie



May 20th,  2014

To whom it may concern,

February 2014 I researched online to find my foundation dream gypsy' Dahlia' up for sale.

I called Jennifer at Gypsy MVP and could not believe the professional customer service I received. She answered all my questions, got payment all set up, emailed or mailed me all of my filly's appropriate paper work and more. 

 I needed reassurance at certain times and either Jennifer or Morgan would send me pictures at my request.  I emailed Morgan many times asking how my filly was doing in training, so I knew what to look forward to when my new horse moved to Colorado! 

I had special requests as well with training and grooming and Morgan would send me pictures or video's from her phone.

Jennifer was great and got the shipper all lined up for me and Dolly ready to go. I received text messages and a picture of my new horse loaded and getting ready to be shipped off.  Jennifer informed me of shipping times and information. It was dark and late when my new baby arrived, but the next morning I entered a stall to a beautiful horse!  She was freshly bathed, mane and tail braided, hooves had been trimmed, and she was just stunning!

I would definitely do business with Gypsy MVP again with staff members like this. I felt the staff cared about my needs and what I expected for my new horse.

Thanks for all you did Jennifer and Morgan!

Colin B.
Grand Junction,  Colorado


Hi Jennifer, Dana and I would like to reach out and thank you for such an incredible experience in the sale of Big John’s Biscuits and Gravy!!!! Your professionalism and broad clientele was such a blessing! We would no doubt recommend you (we have already) and Gypsy MVP to any horse owner that is looking for the right opportunity and home for their sale horse. Right from the first contact we knew that you had us in your best interest and made our transaction absolutely effortless. Thank you so much for your assistance in finding our boy the perfect home!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless,
Craig R.


Jennifer, Morgan and Doug, I wanted to thank you for everything you did to make my dream come true. Stormy Sky is finally home and settling in. You all were great through my roller coaster ride of getting her transported home, you made my adventure a dream always accommodating me when transportation fell through. I could not be happier with my girl and hopefully will someday be back to get one of the beautiful Gypsy's I was privileged to see on the two trips we made down to visit the ranch and Sky. Yow made sure she got the training I requested and look forward to sending you pictures of her being ridden when we are to that point. And I will be in touch in about a year to see about breeding Sky to one of your boys. I believe Dazzle Dance was in the front field the day we came to pick up Sky and he was quite a ham putting on quite a show running around the field, kicking up his heels, he even came over to the fence when I was walking up to the drive and looked at me as if to say "are you watching? Aren't I a grand sight?" and took off once he knew I was watching him. I would highly recommend your ranch to anyone looking for one of these beauties. Everyone was always helpful and friendly.

Thank you again,
Pam B


When I came to Gypsy MVP to explore the possibility of owning a Gypsy Vanner, I had very little exposure to the breed and its history. Having primarily owned Quarter horses I was not sure this was the right horse for me. Jennifer helped me with the overview and history of the breed and she took the time to understand what type of horse I wanted and what I planned to do with the horse once purchased. She helped me find an amazing Gypsy gelding who was perfect for me and my equestrian hobbies. Upon seeing the gelding and riding him I knew he was the perfect fit for me. She helped me through the purchase process, the transporting of the horse and with additional training. These horses are very gifted, bright, calm and loving. I am thrilled with the breed and my gelding. I think Gypsy MVP works very hard to find the right horse for every person and I think anyone would be lucky to own one of these amazing animals.



When they say they bred the Gypsy Vanners to be a member of the family… well that is an understatement. After only 2 days with this wonderful creature, Stetson, has made himself at home in our courtyard, our kitchen, and falls asleep right by our bedroom window. I am a digital strategist by trade so I researched many months and even visited other breeders who claimed to have "Gypsy Vanners" before our purchase. I won't name any names but let's just say that the others are imitators and Gypsy MVP is the real deal. You can tell a great Gypsy Vanner by a lot of things but the biggest difference I noticed about my boy and those "imitations" is the temperament. My boy Stetson is a gentleman. The entire staff at Gypsy MVP assisted with any questions I had in a calm , quick way and never made me feel inferior because we are first time horse owners. They assisted with transport, boarding, and made the whole experience easy and unforgettable. Not to mention they didn't try to up-sell us in any way and in fact … worked with us so we could get the most for our money. If you are looking for a Gypsy Vanner look no further. Forget the rest… go with the best… Gypsy MVP!

Taylor and Coco O.


Dear MVP,
I want to let you know how pleased I am with my two new Gypsy Vanner babies.  I was searching for quite a while to find the perfect buckskin colt and was so happy to find Epic on your site.   After looking through your selection I also found the lovely Maggie May, a gorgeous skewbald filly.  I contacted Jennifer Wilkening with your team and she was so helpful.  She went above and beyond taking the time to answer all my questions and addressed all my concerns.  I was really impressed with how quickly she was able to organize everything so that I could get my two new babies from Texas to VA.  She was so caring and understanding of all my concerns.  When Epic and Maggie arrived in VA I was so excited.  I am really enjoying working with them; they are superior in quality and have great personalities. Jennifer kept in contact with me before and after I received the foals to make sure I was satisfied and that everything was going well.   I am looking forward to buying from you again and would recommend using MVP to anyone looking for the perfect Gypsy Vanner.  Thanks again!
Mariam in Virginia


Thank You, for sharing your wonderful pictures. I absolutely without a doubt think these are the most beautiful horses on the planet earth. Someday I hope to see one in person.

God Bless
Cheryl Unger


"Dragon Fire is absolutely gorgeous. I salute you bringing the height up and hope you will still keep to the standard with some of the Vanners cuz a I am little and LOVE the smallness of the first Vanners I met."

Deborah Smith


I just wanted to let you know that your Dazzle Dance offspring Tango Dance and Flash Dance now live in Marine, Illinois, and are enjoying (?) being dressage horses. What they are really enjoying is having a round bale of hay and being out almost 24/7 weather permitting. They are wonderful Vanners, and I thank you and the previous owners so much for breeding and raising such nice horses.

Kathy K.
Marine, IL.


I am in receipt of the above DVD and  I have watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is the most educational DVD that I've ever seen regarding any breed of horse and I THANK YOU for sending it to me.  It is a most valuable tool and very well done.  I am fairly new to the Gypsy Horse and my experiences to date have been outstanding.  I find the history of the people and horses most interesting.  I would hope that all Gypsy Horses could eventually unite and become one.  I believe that would be most beneficial to the breed.
Again, thank you, for a job well done.
Kindest Regards:  Judge Roger Eitel, Athol, ID


I purchased my first Gypsy Vanner mare in January from Gypsy MVP. She is everything that Erica said she was, and more! Right from my first communication with Erica, and even now, I was always treated with respect and patience. She always gave me as much time as I needed. Erica was even a great help with boarder issues that arose. I feel that Gypsy MVP and Erica are very professional and I would not hesitate to purchase another Gypsy from them, or recommend them to friends. Thank you so much for helping me with my first Gypsy purchase!

Hanna from Saskatchewan, Canada


When I dream of beautiful gypsies I dream of yours! Majestic horses! Your love, professional and personal attention shines through these creatures!

Sheri Rogers via Facebook


Erica, Trinity is doing fine. She is exploring her new property and friends. We have put her with Eilish(Eli's mom) and Darragh another quiet mare and they are doing well together. She is so cuddly just like you said. We have had some very cold days since she came so we were glad to see that she had her winter coat started. We want to see her movement so hope to get her in the round pen or arena this weekend. We will get some photos this weekend. Thanks again for your help and patience with our final choice of her. She is a great fit for our family.



Dear Erica,
I wanted to thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to show me around Magnolia Ranch and for introducing me to the beautiful Gypsy Vanners in your care.  I was thrilled beyond words as I have long admired this breed in photos.  I never imagined I would be allowed so close, let alone to interact and hug them in their stalls and their pastures!!  You have no idea what a gift that was to me.

I also thank you for your generosity in giving me the materials you did for my project and for answering so many questions.  I look forward to receiving the photos you are emailing to me when you have the time.

If I lived closer (I live about 80 miles away, unfortunately), I'd be volunteering to help and learn from you at the ranch.  You would probably get sick of me!  Maybe one day in the future, you will allow me to visit again.

I will also give one of your cards to my director/instructors so that they can get in touch to arrange a field trip perhaps next Fall semester. 

In the meantime, the horses in your care are amazing and I am honored to have them and you.

Janet Luxner
Registered Veterinary Technician Student
Lone Star College - Tomball


Dear Jennifer,
I just wanted to thank you and Gypsy MVP for everything during the sales transaction of Clannad.  You were right, he is absolutely the perfect horse for me.  I love everything about him!  Thank you for making this so easy and stress free.  Everyone at Gypsy MVP was knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and professional.  If ever I should buy another Gypsy Vanner, Gypsy MVP is the first place I will look for one.
With sincere gratitude,
Lisa Williams
New owner of Clannad (Now Gideon)



What a great day!  My beautiful Gypsy Vanner, Eastwood, arrived at our ranch and he was everything I had hoped for and more!  He is beautiful and has the best temperament of any horse I've ever seen.  He is a joy and has found his forever home.  Eastwood Arrives at his new home

You should also know that two of the gentleman who work for the equine transport company both raved about how gorgeous he is and his good manners.  Rick, who drove him on today's leg of the journey said that Gypsy MVP is known for having very well-mannered horses.  Your reputation is well-known.

But, Jennifer, as you know a company is only as good as the employee the client works with, and you were absolutely the best throughout my journey to find Eastwood.  You listened to what I needed in terms of looks and budget. And you answered my many questions, took all my phone calls and emails (even during weekends and Labor Day weekend), and did it all with professionalism and a caring attitude.  

That became obvious when there was a snafu by the equine transport company, you immediately called and made sure my horse got to me this week as you said.  Your concern for customer satisfaction is fabulous and I would not hesitate to tell anyone looking for a Gypsy Vanner to use Gypsy MVP and in particular, to ask for you, Jennifer.

We worked together for weeks to find the right horse for me.  Over that time I developed a huge amount of trust in you and when Eastwood arrived, he was everything you said he was, and more.  I would never have been comfortable purchasing a horse I had never seen in person had I not had that trust in you.

And then there are the photos.  The photography you have taken of Eastwood is amazing.  It's so great to have a disc of photos of him from the time he was a colt.  To have access to this service is wonderful and another example of the kind of versatile and talented people working at Gypsy MVP.

Thank you so much for making what could have been a very trying and stressful process into one that was fun and resulted in me owning the horse of my dreams!  Jennifer, you are definitely in the right career.  Your love of what you do and your commitment to excellence is obvious.

Best regards,


DC Roberts
Tulsa, OK



Just wanted to say as a professional photographer as well as a lover of Gypsy Vanners, I always love seeing the work Jennifer creates with your beautiful babies! Oh and congrats on you guys adding another baby to the Farm.

Linda McKinney posted on GypsyMVP's Wall.



I so appreciate your help on finding me a suitable horse. I feel you and your ranch are extremely reputable and I value your input.

DC Roberts


Hi Jennifer! :)
We had a lot of fun this weekend, and you were the main reason for that. You were even more kind, warm, and caring than I already knew you to be! Good friends are hard to come by, and I'm very proud to call you my friend. :) It was great to see Natasha and Vegas and meet everyone! You, Phil, Doug, Erica, David, Lesley, and Matt... and the brand new baby! I'll try to come out again when the weather cools down and hopefully be able to spend a little more time. Come to think of it, I may have spent more time on shuttle buses, at airports, and on airplanes than I did having fun! lol If you guys ever wanna head out in this direction to go sight-seeing, let me know! I'd be more than happy to play tour guide and go sight-seeing!!! :) I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!!! Smile! :)


Colleen Cramblet posted on GypsyMVP's Wall. Colleen wrote:

Just got the new Equine Journal today. Jennifer's photo of Magnolia Ranch and Gypsy MVP featuring Ghost's new baby is by far the best cover layout since I've been getting the journal. Congrats to Jennifer for a fabulous cover ...



Hey its Jason with Texas Sport Horse. I just wanted to thank you and Cathy for letting me transport Barrack back down here to you. I remember transporting him up to Mn last year and he is a character. I love the way all your horses out at Bellville ran out to check him out when he showed up. They are truly beautiful animals and they look amazing. Your two fat pregnant mares look like they are about to pop any day. Keep up the good work with the Gypsy's. Every time I get the opportunity to transport for you the receiver is always in awe of the condition and appearance of their new horse as I am every time I come to your facility. Transporting your horses is one of the highlight of my business and I hope to continue to be a part of this truly amazing operation.

Thank You
Jason Stasiuk
Texas Sport Horse


Colleen Cramblet commented on her wall post. Colleen wrote: "Thanks. Jazz is officially DNA'd as a Black Silver Dapple. Two black genes and one silver gene. They are unofficially also called Chocolate Palomino. His color is a rare one and he was imported from France by Gypsy MVP. Born in England. He is one of thoes rare ones that Gypsy MVP often finds. And I am so lucky he is my Boy!!!!"


You have some of the most beautiful gypsies out there there are very few breeders / farms out there that have the quality horses of gypsy MVP.

Joanne Martello Facebook Gypsy MVP


Here we have been happily living in Texas with two herds of Miniature Cattle and 15 Miniature Horses like there wasn’t anything else in the world.  Sure now and then we’ve seen pictures in magazines of fantastic horses full of mane and feathers but not around here.  Then Erica came for a visit and left a video of the Gypsy Vanners at Magnolia MVP.  Oh My Gosh!  These horses took my breath away. 

We had to go see.  No picture can give you the feeling of actually being with a Gypsy.  Sinatra won our hearts immediately.  The term “Gentle Giant” comes to mind.  Mind you, he is just a Colt but someone very special already.  His feet seem huge compared to our Miniature Horses.  And walking I thought to myself he’s going to trip over his own feet.  But he knows what he was doing.  Sinatra is so easy to handle for a colt.  You can tell he’s been with a trusting family.  Anne Bevan has given him the background to become the gentleman he is.  For which we are very grateful.  He enjoys people and attention.  His nose is made for kissing.  But watch out!  He is playful and frisky and quickly took off Donnie’s Cowboy Hat.  There was no way we could walk away from this young horse and not bring him home.  His personality is truly special.  The hard decision was who to choose as his companion.  Someone he already knew as a weaning buddy would be best.  Someone the same age.  So the very Sweet Serenity was chosen to be his running mate.  And the two are inseparable in their new home.  I clap my hands when I feed them twice a day at different places so they quickly learn to come.  They can be nowhere in sight but at the sound of a clap here they come.  Some times for food and sometimes for a good grooming. 
We have a Boxer puppy that is a part of all ranch aspects but this little white dog is no concern to Sinatra.  She rolls in his hay and runs and plays with him through the trees.  Sinatra enjoys her. 

We are not really ready for formal training but we thought we’d see what Sinatra thought of a saddle.  He hardly seemed to notice it.  So next we put a doll in the saddle.  He is Cool as a Cucumber!  Serenity tries to take the saddle off him constantly smelling and pulling at it.  But it doesn’t bother him a bit.
Sinatra’s first birthday was May 1st so of course I had to bake a Carrot Cake for the occasion.  While we ate the cake the horses got the left over carrots.

So happy are we to be living with these magnificent Horses we can’t wait to have more.  Sinatra has way more experience than we do having traveled all the way from the UK to USA and then to Texas.  I think he will be teaching us as much as we teach him.  Our lives have forever changed since Sinatra opened a whole new Gypsy World.

Donnie and Kathy


I am not sure where to start. I guess i will give it a go! First, I would like to try and somehow express to you how amazing Erica has been with me. Right from the beginning, that first phone call, she was so sweet and very easy to talk to. She answered all of my questions, and didn't even laugh at some of the "dumb" ones that I had as well! I must admit that even picking up the phone and calling a place as amazing as Gypsy MVP was a little nerve wrecking. (I have been following your website for years and try to catch every article, Internet report, etc. that I can about your amazing facility.)  I really didn't know what I was going to say, or how the person on the other end of the line would respond, but boy was I sure in for the surprise of my life! You see, I had been eying up this stunning Gypsy/Arab filly on the Gypsy MVP website, and not a day went by that she didn't cross my mind, or that I didn't log on 20x to see her face. (I hope you don't have a "stalker" software on there because I would probably have registered!!!) So finally I did work up the nerve to call, and Erica was my first connection with your company! She immediately put me at ease, and told me everything possible about Savannah and her history. She also was very open about Gypsy MVP and the way that all of your staff up to and including you cared for all of the horses. I was pleasantly surprised by everything and the once "dream" of owning this amazing Savannah, was actually sounding like it could be a possibility! I took exactly one night to think about it, and called Erica with a contract and deposit the next day!

I couldn't believe it! I was going to add this beautiful filly to my small heard of horses that I already own! Everything was going smoothly, I was flying high. My entire barn where I board my horses was starting to talk, and everyone was getting super excited! Everyone wanted to know what it was like to talk with someone from MVP, I soon realized they to had the same initial concerns about calling and asking questions. I must say, in the "horse world", you guys are it! And now everyone in my barn is waiting to see Savannah before they call about some other amazing Gypsy's that you have on line. Up here in New York, it is unheard of to purchase a horse, sight unseen. But something deep inside told me that it was the right choice and that I could trust Gypsy MVP! I was right! ...

Thank you for everything, and taking the time to read my email, and listen to my story.
I hope we will some day get the chance to meet in person!

Jillian Karalunas


Dear Doug,
It has been a long time since I last talked to you. I hope you are doing well. It has been such a pleasure dealing with Erica. She is doing such an amazing job in running the ranch and dealing with your buyers. She truly is a pleasure doing business with and is always available with advice when needed.
Margo Burnett
Santa Ynez, Ca


He gets a different type of braid in his mane everyday I think.Dear Erica,Ned with his new family
-We just wanted to thank you for all your help and your honesty in purchasing Ned for our daughter.  They are perfect for each other as you can see and the bond gets stronger everyday.  It is not easy to purchase a horse that you have not seen in person or have ridden.  Ned is everything that you said and more.  He is loving all the attention and all the girls at Malachi Acres  just love him to pieces.  He gets a different type of braid in his mane everyday I think.   The riding instructors  adore him and can't believe what a perfect little gentlemen he is with all the kids.  Bo can even load him on the trailer herself.  For a six year old that is a feat within itself!  By far Gypsy MVP was the best I have ever dealt with in purchasing a horse and I have had a few!  I would recommend anyone to Erica and Gypsy MVP.  The honesty and professionalism is unmatched in my experience.  From the first phone call to Ned's delivery . Thank you again so much Erica , and I will keep you updated with Ned and Bo's adventure. He has definitely   found his forever home!  I will send pics soon!

Holly , Bob and Bo Van Duys  


Erica & Doug

We just wanted to wish you both and your families and everyone at the ranch a verry Merry Christmas and to tell you how wonderful our Christmas has been with Jazz & Haley.  We spent most of Christmas Eve with Jazz & Haley and all the other barn babies cleaning them and the barns and there is nothing that I would have enjoyed more.

As you already know Haley arrived at her new home on the morning of the 23rd with all the bows and ribbons still in place. (Thank you so much for doing that-she was so cute.)  It was drizzling rain a little and Jazz never comes out of his barn when it's raining,  but the minute he spotted Haley from his barn window coming down the ramp from the Equine Express trailer he was at the corner of the corral next to the road to greet her and walked all the way along the fence getting her to her barn (and kicked his heels up a couple of times to let her know how happy he was).

But unfortunately he will have to patiently wait for a while to enjoy her company, since she is in her "I want some attention" stage and this is no time of year to plan on having a baby on board.  She is comfortably snuggled in her own barn next to Jazz's so they are spending a lot of time looking at each other through the windows and of course Jazz is not so concerned about staying out of the rain now.  He seems to think he needs to prance along the fence line occasionally to get her attention.  He is a very happy boy and I'm sure he knows she belongs to him.  There is a definite difference in him.  He has always been so attentive to us and he still is, but there is a new perkyness to him and I am so happy for him.  But it has been good for her to be in her own barn for a while so she can adjust to her new home and she is doing great... also very attentive to us already.

I also want to tell you how wonderful Billy and Mark with Equine Express was.  They were in touch with us during the trip and let us know their expected arrival time and so pleasant and courteous and I was able to call them also to check on arrival time and everything went great .  They handled her with kid gloves getting her unloaded.  I can't say enough good things about them.  We very much enjoyed the trip when we brought Jazz home ourselves, but this was a lot less stressful especially in the winter time.

A very Merry Christmas

Kenny & Colleen



Doug & Erica

I have probably told you many times by now how much we LOVE Jazz.  Jazz is everything I knew he was going to be and more.  I will never forget my Shaker, but Jazz has really taken away the grief that I couldn't make go away.  And thanks to you I have been so fortunate to now have had two of those horses that only come along once in a lifetime.

Jazz is even more gorgeous than he was when we got him in July and he is so sweet and so spoiled.  He also is growing into a fine stallion now that he is about 3.  I am so much looking forward to having some mares booked with him this spring, cause he is going to have some fine babies and getting verification that the Business/Boss is his grandpa was just what I was hoping for.  But we realized that he needs his own girl, too.  And what Jazz wants...Jazz gets.  So we told him tonight he has a Christmas present coming with red & green ribbons in her mane and tail.  He has no idea what we're talking about, but when he see's Haley he is going to be the happiest boy in the world.  Kenny built his new barn plenty big enough for him to have his own family, fully equipped with music, toys, heated water for the winter, shutters on his windows to keep out the wind.  He and Haley are going to be so happy and they are going to have some gorgeous babies.  I'm really hoping for some chocolate palomino babies that look just like him and also some that look just like Haley, too. 

As soon as spring gets here we're hoping there will be a baby on board and as soon as we know that, you will be the next to know.  We don't know how to thank you for always being there.  When you say that you are always there for the horses and any concerns that is the God's truth.  We are committed to never buying from anyone except you because we know what you say is what you mean and you really are always there.  That has been great since we have never owned gypsy's before.  Although we have several other breeds mostly Walkers there has been a lot to learn.  I have always loved keeping the horses clean and I can't deal with a horse having tangles anywhere.  I thought Jazz would be a lot of work with his long mane and his tail is the hugest I have ever seen and I love combing him, but with you help using the right stuff he is the easiest one to keep spotless.  It also helps that he won't even leave his barn when it rains.  He stays amazingly clean.

But once again we want to say Thank You for all you have done and we are so much looking forward to getting Haley to her new and final home.  Jazz is going to Love her!   And when the babies come along and we are needing to find wonderful homes for some it will be you that we will want to handle that for us, cause we know they will only go to the best homes where they will get the love and care they deserve.

Kind regards always,

Kenny & Colleen



I just want to thank you and Doug so much for making my dream come true yesterday.  The first time I talked to you back in January and told you that I had just lost my beloved Shaker in August after a three year battle with cancer and didn't know if I could ever replace him, I knew you understood.  Even though we have six other wonderful horses Shaker was that one for me that only comes along once in a lifetime and I had a terrible hole in my heart and an empty spot in my pasture.  But I knew I could not find another gray Walker, cause that would be like replacing Shaker.

When I  saw a picture of a Gypsy Vanner in one of my horse magazines this winter while I was recovering from a broken leg and ankle.  I had to find out more about that breed, cause they were so beautiful.  When I started to search for information I first saw your web site and I knew if I wanted the best of the best it was gonna be from your ranch even though it was half way cross the country. 

Then I saw Jazz... and I knew right then he was the one that could help fix the hole in my heart that Shaker left. He has that spirit in his eye ... the same one Shaker had the first time I saw a picture of him looking right at the camera.  Jazz captivated me just like Shaker had 10 years ago.  And I just knew and I just had to call and tell you that I love that guy.

I have wanted Jazz so bad for 7 months now and I even have his picture on both of my computer monitors at the office as a screen saver (It's like a double dose of Jazz to look at every day).  Everybody that comes in my office and sees him says "WOW is he yours... and I say not yet, but I hope so someday if someone else doesn't get him first".

I knew I could love him and spoil him just like I did Shaker and I wanted him so bad,  but having the massive vet bills for Shaker the past three years (not to mention the vet care for all the other ones as well) he was far too expensive for me to even hope for right now,  but I just wanted you to know how much I loved him and what a wonderful guy I knew he had to be.

After talking to you so many times over the past few months I feel like I've know you forever,  and you have always made time to talk to me no matter how busy you were and even though I kept saying I couldn't yet afford the little guy, but I was working on it.  When you called me yesterday after talking to Doug and you guys made it possible for me to get Jazz I think my heart stopped for a moment.  I was in tears and all I could say was " You don't know what this means to me - that you are making this possible ".  But I know you and Doug do know what this means to me.  I know your horses are the Best of the Best - But You and Doug are also the Best of the Best.  And I just want to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I can't wait till Saturday to bring Jazz home.  It's gonna be a long three more days.  Jazz is gonna get a whole lot of Love and he's gonna be spoiled even more than he probably already is.  And we are so much looking forward to finally getting to meet you. 

Thank you so much,



Hello Gypsy MVP & Erica!!
I am writing to you today to say thanks. We are very pleased with our Gypsy stud, Rom Rye, that we purchased from you. When we bought him we had a picture in our mind of how he would be & how he would act, as most buyers do. I am pleased to tell you that he is all we thought he'd be. He is so easy to handle and is such a gentleman! We ride him bareback with just lead lines most of the time and are very anxious to get to harness & drive him. We currently have 2 mares confirmed in foal to him for next year & are breeding the third, all live cover. He is SO nice to the girls! I even have him pastured with our mare & baby, and he & the baby are best buddies. We are in the process of training him to be collected & he will be offered for stud in the near future. He now has his own web page on our site, if you get a chance check it out. Again, Thanks, for being honest & giving us the horse we thought we were buying!! Sincerely,
Jodi Knecht


Just wanted to write and say how much you and your staff at
Gypsy MVP have meant to us.  When we first met you three years ago we
had never owned a horse let a lone horses of this quality and cost.
From the very beginning you have been outstanding.  You helped match us
with the right horses, you have been invaluable in helping us care and
breed and now that we are selling some you have been our window to the
market.  You are always there to answer our questions not matter how
silly they may be.  We would have been lost with out you.  Thank you for
helping us achieve with success a life long dream of raising these
beautiful horses.

Lori Hood



Hi Erica,

Thought you and Doug might enjoy this picture....this is of course my beloved Morningstar....he is truly my "heart horse".....this was taken several months ago.

Suzanne Leupold


Thanks so much for the wonderful job you and Gypsy MVP did in finding Goya such a wonderful home! It will be a terrific fit for her and her new family!  I really appreciate the care and training you gave her during her stay at your farm. I always felt comfortable and you stayed in touch with me consistently on her progress. The attention spent to detail in photography and advertising exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use Gypsy MVP again and would recommend your farm to anyone.

Marci and Bryant Hicks


Dear Erica,
Thanks once more to you guys for the assistance in finding a home for our Gypsy Vanner "Jake" , working with you was indeed a pleasure we loved the way you were very straightforward about everything. We had the same great service when we bought our Mare Sharavogue from you and will not hesitate to do business with you again!!!

Kindest regards
Arthur Vann


I purchased my first Gypsy Vanner from Gypsy MVP in 2005.  Now, 4 years and 4 Gypsies later, all my free time is spent at Doug's ranch with the horses.  Doug and Elaine are the "real deal".  They have made my dreams come true and more!!  I cannot thank them enough.
Erica, the driving force behind it all, has become one of my dearest friends.  She even convinced me to ride again,which is no small feat:)  Daily I watch her tireless efforts breeding, selling, shipping, training, vetting....she does it all.  She can tell you the name, and the personality profile of every horse on the property ( there are over 40 at any given time). She truly can match you to your perfect horse, and will tell you if she can't.
During the course of my gypsy journey, I have tried other dealers and regretted it.  They just don't offer the comprehensive service and total honesty that I get from Erica and Doug.
If you want to go FIRST CLASS all the way with no worries, Gypsy MVP is all you need to know.
Charlotte Leissner CFISD Biology

Dear Erica: 
Finally finished viewing the video and can say that it is magnificent.  The dialogue, the history, the horses  etc.  Fantastic job.  As for my experience regarding same, I believe that I may just have to write a book!  I have never been so driven..Coming almost 900 miles to see a horse is quite a compliment to you and I am able to confidently say that every minute was worth it.  Your hospitality and willingness to answer all my questions and to share your desire to place the horse with the right person was most flattering.  Your choice of Torro for me is/was and will be a dream come true for me...In addition, I agree with Doug's comments that you cannot have just one...so.....In the years to come, I am certain that another Vanner will come to Sunny Pines and join Torro.  Of course, you are in charge of the process.  I will be sending a note of appreciation to you, your ranch etc. over the weekend.  Just cannot say thank you enough...  Thanks..Lila

Blue Boy

Here's a great christmas card shot for you. I think I really captured his personality. He's a real clown! He's just about into his 6th week of classical dressage training, and his trainer rode him free under saddle and bridle yesterday, with absolutely no hitches. I expect to be riding him within the month. We're going slowly to correct some issues from his previous "training", but he's a dream for me and for my trainer. Anyhow, I'll keep you posted, and send you another picture when I get to riding him. Hope your holiday season is great!

Mar sin leat (bye for now)
Kyri C.


Dear Doug,
I wanted to thank you for sharing your time and horses with us. Even my husband who is not an animal person, was impressed!!!
Over the last 15 years I have kept a list of "25 things to do in life" As I accomplish one of the goals, I replace it with a new one. Each goal must be reasonable and accomplishable. Seeing a "Gypsy Vanner" in the flesh was on my list of 25 things. Thank You for helping me accomplish that goal as well as replacing it with MY
I have shared your beautiful dvd with a couple of my friends. They now agree that the Gypsy Vanner Horse is "Magical" and now understand my long desire to finally own one. Thanks for your time and enthusiasm.

Linda N.

I would like to encourage anyone that for any reason needs to consign a horse to use Gypsy MVP, they are professional, knowledgeable and personable in all transactions. The farm brings in numerous buyers, all you have to do is sit back and wait with the confidence your horse is being well cared for! Thanks MVP!

Anne Crowley
Vintage Vanners, Inc.

Hi Erica, I got the horse (Peikja) insured with Jarvis so I’m ready for her. We will love her to death. Thanks for being so helpful in this process. I really appreciate all your information and help. It meant a lot to me and my family as we fell in love with these horses a year ago and never thought we would own one.
Erica, after looking at other web sites looking at other horses by far, GypsyMVP has I think, the most beautiful horses and had all the information that other sites didn’t have, so it made it easy to make an informed choice on who to buy from. Whoever picks these horses out for MVP, I assume its Doug Kneis and Jennifer Wilkening; you have a good eye for beautiful Gypsy Horses. This is my first Gypsy and probably won’t be my last, and I would by from MVP again. Because when you go on the internet and buy these horses you just hope you are dealing with a good company.
I think Gypsy MVP is the best out there. You can use this letter at MVP to let other buyers know it’s a great experience and they don’t have to be afraid of buying from GypsyMVP.

Thank you so much,
Bob & Debbie-Mo

Here is a secondary note written about Jennifer Wilkening-

I hope Doug knows you are a treasure for his company. Buying Peikja didn't’t seem real until I looked at the MVP pictures and saw her sold on there. Now it seems like a dream to be getting her. My family and my extended family are so excited to get her we can’t wait until she arrives. Thank you Erica for helping me make a good choice in the horse I got. It really means a lot to me, you have been so kind and very patient with me. I really appreciate your time. You made me feel comfortable about the buying process and I have gotten attached to you like I have known you forever! I hope Doug knows you are a great asset to GypsyMVP.

Thank you so much,
Bob & Debbie-Mo

Hi Erica,
I just wanted to let you know how Veschengo or "T-Bone" as we call him is working out. We have had him 2 weeks today. He is an EXCELLLENT horse in every way. We ride him daily out on country trails, mountain rides and city streets. He is so calm, sensible and sure footed. He NEVER spooks and is such a joy to ride. I ride him as well as my two daughters; Irina age 11 and Daasha age 6. Even my 67 year old mother -in -law rode him.

On 4 th of July we took him in a parade in a busy city outside of San Diego. There was 15 horses in our riding club and Veschengo, as well as my two Norwegian Fjords were so calm, mellow and rock solid. We had several thoroughbreds and Arabs spooking at huge trucks, bands, carnival ferris wheels, etc. Veschengo carried my 6 year old daughter and her friend bareback and just moosied down the parade route.

What a SUPER horse! He loads perfectly in trailers, baths, clips and stands perfectly still for our farrier. He loves kids crawling all over him and braiding his mane and tail. He is such a good boy! He is going camping next week with me up to the mountains with another one of my riding clubs. I know he will be great. He loves all our horses and mule, Bella. We are so lucky to have found him. He is the greatest horse!

Thanks so much! Gypsy MVP is a great company and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a wonderful gypsy vanner horse.

Kerry, Chris, Irina and Daasha Ferguson Chris Ferguson


Hi Erica,

this is Arielle Hoffman, Picasso's very happy new mom. I rode him today and he was an angel. He has such a great trot and a really fun canter. When I curry comb him on his neck, he turns his head around and puts his nose on my shoulder. If I walk past his stall without going in he paws at his gate until I go in and scratch his neck and give him kisses. When I am finished grooming him and I go to leave his stall, he tries to sneak out after me and pushes on my back until I come back in and give him a kiss. He is such a sweetie!!!!!

Thank you so much for recommending him to me!!!!!

~ Arielle :-)

Dear Doug,

I am writing to tell you how happy and excited I am to receive my new horses and also to express my appreciation and admiration for you and your partners. It has been a pure delight dealing with you and everyone involved with your Business I'm not sure if you know but I found your advertisement in one of my husbands car magazines and was absolutely mesmerized by your horses. I have owned horses before but had just retired one and had to put one down and I was certainly not looking to get into ownership again anytime soon but here I am.

I have 4 Gypsy Vanners now! I happened to be in Switzerland at the time so I flew to England to meet Anne Bevan to look at a few horses. The one I had wanted had already been sold and I was feeling uninspired and dejected but when I met Anne and met all of her charges I knew there was no turning back. I fell in love instantly. Meeting these magical animals in a field not groomed and polished was just breath taking. I had my 7 year old Daughter with me and within the first few minutes I knew that I could trust these animals completely. So much so that after chatting with Anne we thought we would put Millie on one of the horses backs just to see.  Understand, these horses were green and when we put Millie on Spook's back he was as calm and gentle as could be. Without a hint of fear from Millie nor Spooks, Millie stood up on his back and Spooks didn't even flick his ear. There was no worry at all. That was it! I knew this was the breed for me.

I now have an amazing support group behind me and have also made great friends. From start to finish you have all been there to answer my questions no matter how simple or how many times, never once making me feel like a dummy! You listened to my wishes and the kind of horse I wanted with honesty and a genuine willingness to match horse with rider and I thank you for that sincerely. I wish I could own 100! Maybe one day I will. All the best to you and everyone involved.


Pippa Vlasov

We would like to share our experience with Doug and Elaine Kneis and their trainer Jennifer Wilkening of Gypsy MVP. The last thing we thought we would ever do is buy a horse over the internet. We not only bought one but two beautiful mares from Doug and Elaine. The entire transaction was conducted over the phone and via the internet. In all of our years of doing business, we have never dealt with anyone who was as fair and up front as Doug and his trainer Erica. They are true to the breed and have the best interest of the horses at the core of every transaction. The entire staff at Gypsy MVP is professional, courteous and highly responsive to their customer's needs. If your standards are equally as high, you should buy your horses from Gypsy MVP.

Sally and Ray Turcek
Earth Energies Ranch Inc.

I had a very good experience with MVP. They were tolerant of my apprehensions and worked with me where they could. They have helped me find my "dream" horse, and I look so forward to being with him.

Erica loves the horses, and I truly believe she strives as best she can to match the horse with the person. They are very considerate, and are providing follow through services which will help the people they deal with, but also the breed itself, by networking. It has been a pleasure doing business with them.

Terri Setterbo

Hi Doug,

I have been considering the purchase of Dreammaker, Splendora, Mary Jo, and Carrie. Thank you for your package deal offer. I just wanted to sent a quick note to tell you what a PLEASURE it has been to work with Erica. She is extremely professional and friendly...the perfect mix. She has been very helpful to me and I never feel like I wasting her time nor do I feel pressured. I know how busy you guys are and it must get old and frustrating talking to so many people about possibly buying horses. I have never once felt that she resented talking to me. You are lucky to have such a great manager and spokeswoman!

Thanks so much,


Hi Anne & Doug,

Here are some pictures taken on Saturday when she arrived. HOORAY! What a sweetie! She seems to have made the trip well. I have her in the front stall and paddock so I can easily see her from my family room window. She winnys now when she sees either Ron or I coming. She is shy like you said, but she is fast warming up to us. A bag of carrots on her first and second days was most appreciated by Missy!

THANK YOU both for this lovely girl - Princess Missy! That is how she will be treated!


Hi Doug

Thank you so much for selling Ned for us. Gypsy MVP will always be our choice of a selling partner. These vanners are hard to part with, but you got us the asking price and placed Ned in a good home. We received the funds in a timely manner. Thanks. When we sent Shannon to you she had just been started under saddle. Your trainer, Jennifer Wilkening has done wonders with her. I have no doubt that you will soon find a good home for her too. It was good advice when you suggested that we ship the horses to you from Idaho. We will trust Magnolia Ranch and your staff with vanners in the future. Be sure to tell Erica thanks for us.

Doug Collins,
Bellshire Farm Wilder, Idaho

I recently had a business transaction with Mr. Doug Kneis, Magnolia Ranch and Gypsy MVP. I had met Mr. Kneis at an Equine Affair prior to our business transaction, but do not know him personally. I would like to say that I wish all Horse transactions would go as smoothly and professionally as they did with myself and Mr. Kneis. He communicated with me often and kept me apprised of all necessary details. He was always friendly as well as professional. I have owned horses of various breeds for 40 years. Over those years I have bought and sold many horses, so this was not my first transaction. In those 40 years, I must say that doing business with Mr. Kneis and Gypsy MVP was one of the Smoothest, Honest, Pleasant and Professional I have ever experienced. I wish all of my Clients/Business transactions were this Pleasant and Professional.

I would recommend anyone to seriously consider doing business with Mr. Kneis and Gypsy MVP. He is Honest, Cordial and straight forward. Mr. Kneis takes out the "Guess" work in buying/selling Gypsy Horses. Mr. Kneis and Gypsy MVP have what more people and businesses need.....Integrity !

Maribeth Scott
Knight Haven Shires and Gypsy Drum Horses