Shangri - La

Shangri -La has just become one of our girls. She was on show at England's most historical Gypsy Horse Fair in the World,  Appleby Horse Fair. This girl was chosen for her size - a very useful 15.1 hands. She has also pulled a living wagon with the Gypsies, and thus has the required knowledge. Shagri-La has been ridden bareback in the most stressful conditions without blinking an eye. This Gypsy Mare, destined to be registered by the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society,  has the lovely straight silky feather that is so admired. She is at this moment in time running with a wonderful Stallion .
Many  more details of her will be available when she comes home to Anne Bevan. This will be  as soon as she is confirmed in foal .
If you would like to know more about her contact Anne Bevan.