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Sold 05/23/2016

We love this Gypsy Vanner baby! Sadie has a "I love everyone" attitude ever since we helped her out of the embryonic sack in the stall. You can put your hands all over her and hug and kiss her and she will winnie and run to you when she sees you. Her Dam Delphi is my favorite Gypsy Vanner horse of either breed. Check her bloodlines…..all the best. Look at Delphi's baby Sparkle on our site. Sadie will be very much like her in personality and conformation. Her Gypsy Vanner sire Lakoda is from some of MVP's best horses.

Sire: Lakoda
Dam: Delphi
Color: Piebald
Est. 14.2 - 15.0 hh at maturity
Year Foaled: 2014
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Price: $9000

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Sire: Lakoda
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Dam: Delphi
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