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SOLD 05/04/2009


Rom Rye is a 9 year old Gypsy Vanner stallion who stands 14.3hands high.

Statement from Anne Bevan:

After the sale of my wonderful stallion Pride and Joy, I sent the word out to the Gypsies that I was looking for a replacement, and not just any stallion would do.  Lots of offers came forth, but I wanted a saint (or as near to one as possible). After months of looking, our dear Rye became part of our family.

This lovely boy resides with me in the UK.  He has been with me for almost a year, so I think I can tell you about him hand on heart.  To me this is important when selling a stallion as a family friend.

Translated, Rom Rye means “Gypsy gentleman.” Rye is gentle indeed.  He is never mean and never takes unfair advantage as some stallions do.  As a family, we have enjoyed him so much.  This is a horse you can go up to in the field and ride with no saddle or bridle.  You can sit on him, stand on him, brush him, bathe him, ride him in the sea or a river, take him into your house… He is WONDERFUL!

Rye is ridden and driven.  I have first hand experience of him driving on a heavy motorway in the rain with huge lorries [trucks] screaming past.

How is he with mares? Confucius said, "A true gent is friendly but not familiar." This is Rye.

He has been blessed with amazing feather and 11 and a half inches of bone.  He is a good boy to shoe, clip, box, catch, and bath.

At home, Rye lives in a mixed yard.  He is turned out next to mares and is happy to be next to other stallions in the barn. Rye probably has the best temperament of any stallion I have ever owned .   ~ Anne Bevan MVP UK.

Update:  March 2009 Rom Rye is now in the US and will be at Magnolia Ranch in April.

Update: March 2009 The quarantine in NY told us that out of all the 1000's of the breed who have come thru since the late 90's, Rom Rye is the sweetest gentleman that has ever come thru their doors!


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Pictures Below Added 03/23/2009

Rye leaving the Uk, Charlotte Bevan dressed in costume...
Just having one last bit of fun!

Sad goodbyes from Charlotte Bevan, Anne Bevan's daughter

Picture Below Added 02/23/2009


Pictures Below Were Added 01/21/2009

Rye sweeps the street!

Pictures Below Were Added 12/15/2008

Pictures Below Were Added 12/08/2008

His feathers are still wet in the back in these new shots after his bath

Pictures Below Were Added 11/25/2008

Rom-Rye | Gypsy Vanner Stallion for Sale | Piebald

Rom-Rye | Gypsy Vanner Stallion for Sale | Piebald

Pictures Below June 2008

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