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SOLD 08/13/2015

Prince is a gorgeous Gypsy Vanner colt. He is perfect in every way. He looks like a stallion at just weeks old. We love his sire Warlock who I bought in 2004 at Appleby fair and he was one of the most expensive horses sold there. I had to go to close to 100 ATM machines to come up with cash to buy him. His Dam is my favorite mare Delphie. She always throws special horses like Gypsy Mare Sparkle.

We can ride Delphie around the ranch and he follows behind but sometimes stopping to play with one of our dogs. Prince loves attention and hugs and if kept a stallion MVP wants to breed to him because he is the best we have seen with a great combination of great looks and personality.

Bloodlines including: The Old Horse of Wales, Cushti Bok, The Gypsy King, Crown Darby

Color: Piebald
Foaled: 06/02/2015
Est Height: 14.0hh at maturity
Registration: Pending GVHS
Sire: Gypsy Warlock
Dam: Delphi
Price: $8500

Photos Below Added 07/10/2015

Photos Below Added 06/10/2015


His Sire: Gypsy Warlock

His Dam: Delphi

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