Olly, short for Oliver, means Kind One, and we can't think of another Gypsy Vanner horse that has been so aptly named. Occasionally an animal enters your life that is simply unforgettable.  Olly is this type of horse.  This colt is just 11 months old and sports a black roan coat.  Standing 12.2 hands, he has profuse feather for his age and sports a double mane.  This little boy has the
most lovely disposition.   He is quiet and very affectionate.  We walk him with our dogs over rickety wooden bridges, through streams and other dubious terrain.  This little fellow exhibits a level of trust rarely seen in horses and tags along unfazed anywhere we venture.

This little horse will be an ideal family pet and particularly attractive to first time buyers with limited experience with horses.  He will progress into a useful sort as he exhibits the physical characteristics necessary, a strong hind end and nice bone.  This little lad typifies the textbook gypsy horse disposition.  Contact us now for more information.