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SOLD 07/15/2009

Noah has been owned by Doug Kneis and Gypsy MVP since he was born. Anne Bevan was friends with a Gypsy family camped not far from her home in Ipswich back in 2004, and would visit them from time to time. She was so lucky to buy this man's finest Gypsy Vanner stallion Pride and Joy.  He was retiring him for new blood. One of his colts born right before Gypsy MVP bought Pride was Noah. We took one look at him and knew that he was his dad all over again in a different color. His dam was a beautiful skewbald mare named Molly. Noah has been on very little grass this last year, and has been in a stall much of the time because MVP lost some pastures we leased. He is still filling out and bulking up and will be tank when he puts muscle on. Noah has a kind, sweet and loyal personality and needs a family. Someone will be blessed to own this unusual boy. He has conformation, personality, double mane, feather and stunning movement!!!!


Photos of Noah before leaving the UK for his new home in the US

New Photo Added 06/03/2009

Noah enjoying the UK Summer day!

Noah enjoying the UK Summer day!

New Pictures Added 01/15/2009-Cold winter in UK stable

Picture Below Added 10/20/2008

Gypsy Vanner Stallion for Sale

Noah's Sire, The Legendary Pride and Joy

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