Max has really surprised us at MVP. Max is a registered Gypsy Vanner Horse. The reason, is that we have never had a Gypsy Vanner horse that is so responsive to learning and has a heart that just will not stop. At this point in January of 2007, Max lunges in both directions. He walks, trots, and canters with little effort from the rider. With very little encouragement this horse is in the bit most of the time. This is so unusual for such a young horse! His eagerness and willingness make him a wonderful horse to be pleasure or show for someone who truly cares about him. We will be very picky about who will own this horse because he needs a special person.

Update October 13, 2007:
Max has now been under training for jumping for 7 months with a well respected veterinarian in the Katy, TX area. This Gypsy Vanner Horse could be someone's best friend. he is an all around great example of this breed!