The Gypsy VIP Statistical Sheet is provided to give buyers in-depth information and details about prospects including DNA analysis and photos.  To learn more about Gypsy Vanner Horses, click on the 'Gypsy VIP'  Statistical Sheet' icon.

Name: Date Foaled:
Sex: Color:
Registry: Height:
Weight: Has Produced Foal(s):
Is Open: How Many Foals:
Reproductive Test:
Known Genetic Faults: Known Physical Faults:
Height:               Est.      Sticked
Registration #:

7 Points of Conformation

#1.  Short back in proportion to overall body (short distance between last rib to point of hip).
#2.  Broad chest.    
#3.  Heavy well-rounded hips (slab sided or severely sloping hindquarters are considered a fault.
#4.  Heavy flat bone at the knee, ample hooves (small contracted hooves are considered a fault).    
#5.  Feathering that begins at the knees or near the hocks extending over the front of the hooves.  Ample to abundant mane and tail.    
#6.  Sweet head (fine head on a strong neck in harmony with the horse's overall look).    
#7.  Disposition (the horse should exhibit traits of intelligence, kindness, and docility --- overly aggressive behavior is considered a fault).    
Height classifications are split into three categories:    
Under 14 Hands: Mini Vanner    
14 H to 15.2 H: Classic Vanner    
15.2 H and up: Grand Vanner
Sire Pic. Y. N. DNA Y. N. Dam Pic Y. N. DNA Y. N. color
Great grand sire