Gypsy Vanner Horses for Sale | Filly | Jubilee

Diamond Jubilee, What an amazing new Gypsy Vanner filly.   Her mom is Trinity.   Her sire is the awesome Dazzle Dance.   Jubilee is going tall and very athletic.   Her movement is like both of her parents very forward, graceful and powerful.   She will excel in any form of riding.   She has an amazing personality, very affectionate, sweet and very curious.   She has been an in your lap filly from the very beginning wanting to help with chores and activities going on daily around the ranch.   Jubilee has the personality, confirmation and movement that is highly sought after in the gypsy horse community.


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Gypsy Vanner Horses for Sale | Filly | Jubilee

Her Sire is Dazzle Dance
Dazzle Dance is a 1999 proven breeding stallion from the United Kingdom

Her Dam is Trinity

Gypsy Vanner Horses for Sale | Mare | Tri Colored | Trinity

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