Shimmy was a great find for us because she has the classic look that people want. She is also amongst the few left that have more Black than White, and these are proving very hard to come by.
Shimmie came from the South of England. Her last family used her to pull a Flat Bed Cart in England all summer, so she is broken to driving. They had owned her from a yearling, and consequently the sale was VERY reluctant; especially as she is a good stamp of the breed.  ( if a driving or ridden pair is required please see Jordan , these mares complement each other for either discipline ) 
Shimmy has taken to the English style of riding like a duck to water. The first few times out on a ride she was looking at everything in wonder. We came to the realization that she had worn blinkers while driving previously; so although she had traveled miles she probably saw nothing. This girl is the first one to the gate to say hello, and she loves company. She likes bath time and stands as still as a rock, loves her food, walks into the trailer on her first time, and walks in an appropriate manner when walked form one place to another.
The only dislike we have found for Shimmy is that she does not care much for Anne's dog Alfie ( ten months old and the size of a bus ). She is fine in the field with him, but she likes making faces at him over the stable door.
Shimmy is proving to be a safe and enjoyable ride, and a great horse to be around. She is good in traffic etc, and is ridden by a young girl of 13 years at the moment ( see picture ). While steady like most of these horses, Shimmy will step up a gear if you wanted to compete. She starts her show career here with us on April 22nd, and this will be her very first show ever. We will compete in the In Hand - or as you call it Halter, and we are also going to try the Novice Ridden. You are most welcome to email or call for a chat if you have interest in Shimmy or any of our other horses.