Gypsy MVP is proud to announce the arrival of Jen, world class, highest graded mare in the British Skewbald and Piebald Association in England. There are no other mares throughout the world sold from England to have grades as high as hers, she is truly a one of a kind.

Grading as follows.

                                         Aggregate Score
Feet (10)                                    9.0                      
Forelegs (10)                              9.0
Hindleggs(10)                             9.3
Front (10)                                   9.3
Body (10)                                   9.0
Action (10)                                 9.0
(sub total)                                  54.7
Loose Assessment

Correct Type(10)                        9.7

Movement (15)                          13.0
Temperament/Manners (5)          4.7
Presence(5)                              5.0
Femininity (5)                            5.0
(Total) 100                                92.0
Grand Total                                 92.0 out of 100
She also has verified parentage (both parents registered), DNA on File, and a full height certificate.
2005 - Champion of Britain -Royal London Show.
2005 - UK Champions Show (CHAPS)
          Ponies UK Summer Championships
2005 - The World Championships of Colour. ( 2nd place)
2006  Ponies UK Championships
2006 CHAPS UK Champions x 2

If perspective buyers want her to attend these shows this year, I am happy to produce her for them, especially the World Championships, come along and watch!

A list of her showing success is available on request.
Personal statement from Anne Bevan, MVP UK. (present home of Jen)
During my many years as a horse owner and breeder (30 years) I have enjoyed my share of successes and, inevitably disappointments. My objectives are to find first class horses for MVP America, and excellent contributors to the breed . This girl has the true classic type of her forbearers and it is easy to understand why she has become a No 1 mare, her accreditations on paper are wonderful and having had her with us for a few weeks I have to say we can't fault her temperament, she is fun to ride, comfortable and safe, she loves a cuddle, she will be VERY sorely missed when she goes to her new home. Please contact me if you would like to know more about her. 

MVP thinks this is one of the best sport mares with a very delicate mare quality that we have ever had. We hope for a show family for this special mare.

Contact us now for more information.