Gowain was imported from the United Kingdom and hails from the Pratt line of Vanner horses.  He is now standing in Texas.  This exotic fellow has one blue and one brown eye.  Gowain (pronounced GO-wayne) has been started under saddle and is currently training in Dressage.  His training includes caveletti (poles on the ground) and trail riding.  He hauls, clips and has the wonderful disposition treasured by the Romany Gypsies of Europe.  This horse loves attention and is a fast learner.  His initial training was with a rider with super soft hands and a correct seat producing good basics for the horse.  He also has been started long lining and has been worked with a harness.  His custom made harness can be purchased for $700 additional dollars along with the purchase of this very nice horse.  Contact us now for more information.