Flossy is a recent MVP best pick mare. She is three years old, and just under 15h. Wow! She will be a big one! She is a sweet soul, but a little shy in her new MVP stall in the UK. Anne Bevan will soon have new pictures for us after she gets a bath, and a better write up on her. She is super gorgeous. Keep checking for new pictures coming soon. Flossy has rubbed a bit of her mane out, but this should not fool anyone about her quality.
Personal statement from Anne Bevan
This young filly is one of the nicest  two year olds I have come across both in substance and character. She is a kind  girl wanting to love you and be loved. She is inquisitive and looks at everything. She is boarding and training with me and  I have to say she is a complete pleasure to be around  and no trouble at all. She also mixes well with other horses. Flossy will be a wonderful addition to any family! Potential mums/dads please call me for a chat about this young lady's wonderful future potential .   Anne.

Personal statement from Doug Kneis
People have to realize that when a horse looks this good at two, they are going to be one of the best horses of the breed at four. What happens with that age difference is that the price of the horse doubles as everyone sees their potential. So three years with a horse this fine means a lot.

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