Faberge | Gypsy Vanner Gelding for Sale

SOLD 05/13/2009

Faberg'e is one of Gypsy MVP's newest Gypsy Vanner Geldings. He will quickly be registered with the Gypsy Vanner horse Society when he arrives in America this fall. Found at Appleby Horse Fair, Faberge was called “the best gelding on the fair this year” by one of the biggest Gypsy horse breeders in the UK.

He is an extremely kind horse with impressive looks and wonderful training. Faberge keeps his head in the biggest of crowds and has been driven by a disabled driver in the heaviest of traffic. This gypsy horse is a fabulous family pet, show horse, or dressage prospect. He will also ride or drive for anyone!


Picture Below Added 04/20/2009

He's a jumper!

Handsome Gypsy Gelding on a sunny afternoon

Pictures Below Added 03/30/2009

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