Gypsy Vanner Horses for Sale | Filly | Piebald | Dahlia AKA Dolly

SOLD 02/28/2014

I would challenge someone to find a nicer coming two year old Gypsy Vanner filly anywhere with a pedigree like hers. Look at her Gypsy Vanner registration. Starting with the first and foundation #1 stallion in the USA Cushti Bok. # 14 Gypsy King, Crown Darby Mare one being one of the first 14 foundation mares of the Gypsy Vanner registry. Next Old Horse of Wales, The Horse Shoe mare, Sovereign mare, The Lobed Ear Horse, Bob The Blagdon, The Old Horse of Ireland, and Bellagio. Wow she is overwhelming! Her personality in endearing. She moves like a show horse and is easy to handle. We think Dolly, as we call her at home, is the finest young Gypsy Vanner mare with DNA set-to possibly produce the best of the best Gypsy Vanner horses that will mean something going forward.

Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Registration: GV02572

Color DNA: EE/aa Homozygous for Black Factor, Non-Agouti. Horse carries two copies of the black gene. Horse is black based




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