Call Me Sir

Call Me Sir is the result of selective breeding by one of best breeders in Great Britain. It is rare to find this type of horse with known pedigree on top and bottom.  Sir's dam is the beautiful Vanner, Her Majesty, whose sire is the legendary stallion, The Old Horse Of Wales.   Sir's dam was imported in foal.

Call Me Sir  is destined for royalty.  This fancy colt has presence and has the Gypsy Vanner look so desired by owners and breeders.

This young colt has potential as a stallion and will be an asset to anyone’s breeding program.

Call Me Sir was entered in the first ever Gypsy Vanner Horse show in August of 2004, at three months of age.  He earned Reserve Champion Stallion.

At eight months of age (as of February, 2005), he is already presenting himself as a colt with promise. He will likely be Classic size Vanner at about 15 hands, with excellent color and all lots of feather.

Call Me Sir is handled and worked every day.  He leads well, loads in the trailer, accepts bathing and hosing down and permits the farrier to trim his feet.  We might add that the handler is a little old lady, a great testimony to the workability of this lovable, young horse. Contact us now for more information.


Call Me Sir's fabulous grand sire, Bob the Blagdon Horse, pictured left
        Call Me Sir's sire, the Stallion Nero              Call Me Sir's dam, Her Majesty