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SOLD 02/28/2014

This really one of a kind filly has come from the breeding of many generations of USA breedings of Gypsy MVP and Our friends Paul and Laurie. MVP has bred and imported many of these horses in her pedigree such as Gypsy MVP Dazzle Dance, Delphie, Warlock, Sovereign, and going back to Bob The Blagdon and many Uk who's who horses. This filly at 7 months old has a wow conformation, double stallion mane, feathers beyond her age, as well as a perfect apple butt. Now to top off everything her sweet willing to please and be your friend attitude will win anyone over. She could be a model mare of the breed when mature! Mane and feathers to the ground?

Color DNA: EE/aa Homozygous for Black Factor, Non-Agouti. Horse carries two copies of the black gene. Horse is black based

Photos Below Added 02/11/2014

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