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A Little Bit about Gypsy MVP and Magnolia Ranch

Far from its native homeland in the United Kingdom, the Gypsy Vanner thrives at Magnolia Ranch in the gentle plains near Houston, Texas. Under the careful management of Jennifer Wilkening, and owners Doug and Elaine Kneis, and our dedicated team of professionals, Gypsy MVP offers professional services to equine enthusiasts around the world.


Welcome to Gypsy MVP at Magnolia Ranch.

The Gypsy Vanner is relatively new to North America, and due to its European Gypsy origins there is some mystique shrouding the exact genesis and development of this special breed.


The Gypsy Vanner has traditionally been the preferred wagon and riding horse of the Romany Gypsies. The goal of the Romany breeders was to produce a well-bred horse that was gentle and strong as well as visually spectacular. While the brightly-colored horses with profuse feather, mane, and tail are known by several names such as Gypsy Cobs and Tinkers, the Gypsy Vanner is the designation bestowed upon the “best of the best” of a half century of selective breeding.


With the bulk of the breed residing in the United Kingdom, it is difficult for the general population to see and spend time with these special horses. Interested North American buyers have thus had to rely on the word of importers and breeders that the horses they purchase are of quality.


As of April 22, 2015 approximately 3,300 Gypsy horses were spread among three horse registries in North America. Not all of those horses, however, would carry the designation of Gypsy MVP Horse. Unfortunately, many that have been imported are not of quality breeding stock, conformation, and stature. Due to the confusion surrounding this breed, and the lack of information on these horses, Gypsy MVP saw a need to establish a network of high standards to protect our customers.


And this quest for integrity gave birth to Gypsy MVP.
Gypsy MVP ensures our clients that only the most worthy horses will bear the title of Gypsy MVP Horse, carefully selecting from only the very top 10-15 percent of the European breeding program.


All Gypsy MVP horses are evaluated and must pass our set of seven points of conformation. This is our way of ensuring that we are retaining the quality of the breed and providing clients with only the most superior horses.


In addition, Jennifer Wilkening and Anne Bevan have sought to develop special support tools, including, for the benefit of our clients. The Gypsy MVP Concierge Advantage was also created so our customers could have all of the assistance they need with caring for and managing a new Gypsy MVP horse.

With your new Gypsy Vanner, you’ll join an elite group of aficionados that has grown to love this breed. Our Gypsy Vanners are docile, athletic, colorful, strong, and intelligent. By nature, Gypsy horses also have excellent endurance. Because of these distinct and highly desirable characteristics, these horses are quickly becoming popular around the world.


Visit our Gypsy Gallery or watch Sundance’s First U.S. TV appearance to find out why so many have fallen in love with Gypsy Vanner horses from Gypsy MVP.


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